Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Montresor: the kit in 1/12 scale

Montresor is a village located in central France. Down a quiet side street, past rustic shops and small cafes, you will find quaint houses built out of stone and overgrown with leaves.

This room box is approx. 16" x 10" x 11" deep. (40 x 25 x 27cm). The interior is for you to decorate as you desire.

You will use Paper Clay to create the brick and stone work, age and weather the window door, install ambient lighting, paint and weather all surfaces and use landscaping to create the effect shown.

These are pictures of the completed scene:
Montresor, right side

Montresor, left side

The workers who posed for the step-by-step illustrations of the manual and how-to for this kit are happy to be done:

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